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Current Project

Painted en plein air but reviewed in my studio, here is Shelly Beach - a 10 minute walk from home.


It is an easy stroll from the car park at Shelly Beach to the lookout where whales can be spotted from May to October each year

IMG_0501 2.jpeg

The Pandanus tree on the edge of the Cove of the same name is beautifully silhouetted by the sea at high tide.

One of the most stunning aspects of where I live in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, is the coastline which has many varied beaches and headlands fringed by littoral rainforest. Because no houses were allowed to be built along most of its length, you have the feeling of wilderness walking. A coastal pathway, 9kms long, stretches from the heart of the town, past the Town Beach, Oxley and Rocky beach, Flynn's and Shelly Beach, across Miners Beach to The Tacking Point Lighthouse and the long stretch of Beach down to Lake Cathie and beyond. I'm taking time to stop and paint along the coastal path to chart my favourite viewpoints and places which have a special feeling. 

I wish to be able to capture the atmosphere and sense of place using watercolour, coloured pencils, ink and pencil.


Having always loved sketchbook work (I have around 65 of these) I've been painting a double page spread for many of the coastal landscapes and envisage printing an A4 or A5 landscape format book with perhaps some text about each venue or painting.

Its a work in progress as they say!


My favourite spot is Pandanus Cove where you can almost sense the presence of the ancients.


Early morning light casts a sugared almond pink glow over Lighthouse Beach with Tacking Point Lighthouse a tiny silhouette on the headland.

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