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Spring Maidens art - Moira Pagan


Spring Maiden Series by Moira Pagan - October 2012-to date

All the portraits of young women are inspired by photos of the girls making indigineous flora wreaths at a workshop in Whangarei Heads School Artshed last October 2011

Their joy and delight during the making, their pride at wearing the completed headpieces, their beautiful fresh faces at the Springtime of their lives was precious to observe and touched upon some universal ceremony of fresh flower adornment, still very much part of Life in Pacific island cultures. The gold leaf in the backgrounds of each piece represent purity, promise and spiritual completeness

Sping Maidens

Girl with Greenstone Pendant


300mm x 300 mm Acrylic, mixed media and 16 carat gold leaf    Price $210 AUD

3 Hannah

300mm x 300mm acrylics mixed media and 16 carat gold leaf SOLD

1 Flower Girl


Acrylic Mixed Media and 16 Ct Gold Leaf

230mm x 450mm, $210 AUD

4 Girl with Lily Garland

Acylic, mixed medai and 16 carat gold leaf

 300mm x 300mm   SOLD

5 Girl with Garland

Mixed Media, 300mm x 300mm Acrylic, mixed media and 16 carat gold leaf SOLD

6. Maddi

300mm x 300mm 


7. Girl In Profile

300mm x 300mm 

$210 AUD

11. Girl In Golden Blouse

300mm x 400mm 

$250 AUD

10. Alex

300mm x 300mm 


9. Girl With Garland

300mm x 300mm 

$210 AUD

8. Girl With Book

300mm x 300mm 

$210 AUD

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